Saturday, August 1, 2009

Huge month, but didn't feel that way.

This was a weird month to say the least. For whatever reason I felt like it wasn't particularly great but by looking at the results it was obv really good.. To put it simple, I ran like fkn GOD at 5/10 over a decent sample, basically all my profits are from 5/10. Most of this was vs weaker opponents and some also great maniac games. I basically had like 3 or 4 really big wins to put a stranglehold on the month. 3/6 on the other hand was a fkn disaster. I lost 10K in just as many hands there and at 2/4 I did pretty well thanks to winning 5k the last day there helping neutralize the losses at 3/6. Between 400NL and 600NL I did play a ton of regs and didn't table select one bit. Actually, at 400 I basically tried to play every reg I could bc after having a big day at 1K my confidence would be pretty high and the money wouldn't mean anything. One other reason I didn't feel like this was a great month is bc it felt like I ran bad a lot more than I ran good. Luckily the run good was at the right limits though ;)

Anyways poker has taken a bit of a toll on me lately and I don't plan on playing as many hands next month. I'll be heading back to vegas in a few days I think..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yay professional poker

Made 7K yesterday and today just lost 12Bi's btwn 400 and 600HU.. Oh ya, I didn't just run bad, I fkn spewed. Probably played my D- game... Tomorrow I promise to play better.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dry games, frustrating results, Laguna..

I spent several hours over the last 3 days at my computer only to notice how dry the games have become. I am pretty sure its just a random thing that happened this week and that the midstakes HU games will pick back up, but man it's been frustrating. Frustrating for many reasons, including the obvious, I'm disappointed in my results (which aren't horrible, just breakevenish over maybe 5k hands). Yesterday was particularly bad as I made a really spewy bluff for a -1200$net and lost about 3200$ to one of the biggest donks Ive ever played at 600HU. The guy would call open raises of 44$ with shit hands but obv ran like god. He even flopped an overset which is something I haven't seen in a while. Meh, whatever...

So I just got to Laguna maybe an hour ago. We partied in the city again last night which was a ton of fun. We hit up some Belgium bar near the marina and then some other Irish bar near the wharf. We were rolling a bit deep and my roommate kyle got a limo to take us home for 100$ at the end of the night. I felt bad so I split it with him but gotta love how he rolls (no he's not some baller poker player either). I'm going to try and take 2 weeks off from drinking, I mean I really want to make an effort at doing this. I really need to :(

I'll probably just jam out a bunch of coaching sessions this week and play my own sessions at night. The games have been easier to find in the late afternoons/early evenings. Anyways I'll probably be back in Vegas pretty soon for a visit.

Hope ur crushing!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Downswing over, good day!

So it didn't take me too long to get over the 13k downswing. I am back on my way to having a really strong month, thanks to my results at 1k HU.. My 600 results haven't been good at all so its nice to finally do good at higher games. Today, I played 2 tables vs some guy who was so loose and bad that it was quite unreal. I was really suprised bc I was sure he was a reg but apparently he was horrible and I just crushed him. I def ran good making a few big hands but there was one where he paid me off for a 1k pot with just Q hi on a non paired board..

So I'm in Berkley right now. I spent my Bday in the city which was a ton of fun. We did the bottle service thing at a club called Slide and there was like 11 of us. I was super hungover all that day from the night before and didn't even want to do anything but am glad I made it out. I really want to move to this city hopefully sometime in the winter. I really enjoy the city and am looking forward to another year up here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What goes up must come down!

So in my last24 post I was coming off my best cash day ever. After that I was up like 24K in the first week of the month. Then the doom switch turned on and I ran soooooo sick bad. What is interesting is that my 5/10 action dried up and the 3/6 action blew up. I had such great games at 3/6 but ran so gross. Going over the sessions I really lost a lot flipping (mostly standard stuff like AK vs JJ etc.. I also lost a few huge pots getting sucked out on including a deep pot at nl 600 with AA vs K9 after 4betting. My opponent flopped a straight draw and open shipped. Anyways check out this graph of just 3/6!!! I haven't moved down as the majority of my play is still at 600 and at 1k. I prefer to play 1k obv when the games are good but the swings can be shitty...

I am back in laguna and it's great to be out of Vegas. I spent the last couple days at the beach which was awesome. I also went to my close friend's wedding which was cool. He actually me a girl in Argentina, brought her back to the states, and married her. Thats pretty sicko! She's a cool chick though and it's nice haveing her around.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Best Cash Day Yet!!

Yesterday I had my biggest cash day (not including tourny score). I came off to a fast start and played a bunch of 5/10 and basically crushed. I also played a little 10/20 and did well there against a player I felt for sure I had an edge on. I was actually 2 tabling him, one at 10/20 and one at 5/10. I didn't play any today and probably won't play until Sunday but hopefully I can get a session in.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WSOP and Videos

I am 0/3 in tournaments. Ironically I've busted all 3 tournaments with about 1/3 or 1/4 of the field left so no cashes. I realize how much variance there is in these things. When I busted, the chipleaders at my tables had sucked out at least a couple times for big pots in order to be in their position. Anyways in the 1500 event I was rolling along with a stack just about avg. and got into a really interesting spot against a good thinking probably 2+2er. It folds around to me and I raise in the cutoff with 67hh to 350 with a 150 Big blind (stacks affectively 500) and this player 3bets to 850. I begin thinking this would be a good spot for him to bluff given his position but what really triggered a read was his bet sizing. I thought if he was doing this with AK or AQ for value he would make it bigger, say 1100 at least just in case I call and the flop is low cards. For this reason I thought his range was polarized to AA, KK, QQ and air. So I 4bet to 2k and he tanked for like 3 min before folding telling me I'm either a genius or an idiot lol. Unfortunately later in the tournament I picked up QQ vs his AK and he binked. ...Sigh

So I have a couple vids coming out, the first being July 8th which is a 200HU vid (2pt series). I think it will turn out good as there were some interesting adjustments that I made to a player who played quite differently than the players I'm used to.  

I'm also pretty happy as how this month went pokerwise online. I'm at about 41k right now and will probably get 1 or 2 more sessions in before the month ends so hopefully I can stay above the 40k mark. I jumped back into 5/10 yesterday and had some good games but obv was getting hit and run on left and right. It's amazing how u can find better players at .5/1$ than 5/10 sometimes. Anyways I know it's been a while since Ive blogged so once again, I'll make an attempt to update more often.