Monday, July 13, 2009

What goes up must come down!

So in my last24 post I was coming off my best cash day ever. After that I was up like 24K in the first week of the month. Then the doom switch turned on and I ran soooooo sick bad. What is interesting is that my 5/10 action dried up and the 3/6 action blew up. I had such great games at 3/6 but ran so gross. Going over the sessions I really lost a lot flipping (mostly standard stuff like AK vs JJ etc.. I also lost a few huge pots getting sucked out on including a deep pot at nl 600 with AA vs K9 after 4betting. My opponent flopped a straight draw and open shipped. Anyways check out this graph of just 3/6!!! I haven't moved down as the majority of my play is still at 600 and at 1k. I prefer to play 1k obv when the games are good but the swings can be shitty...

I am back in laguna and it's great to be out of Vegas. I spent the last couple days at the beach which was awesome. I also went to my close friend's wedding which was cool. He actually me a girl in Argentina, brought her back to the states, and married her. Thats pretty sicko! She's a cool chick though and it's nice haveing her around.

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