Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WSOP and Videos

I am 0/3 in tournaments. Ironically I've busted all 3 tournaments with about 1/3 or 1/4 of the field left so no cashes. I realize how much variance there is in these things. When I busted, the chipleaders at my tables had sucked out at least a couple times for big pots in order to be in their position. Anyways in the 1500 event I was rolling along with a stack just about avg. and got into a really interesting spot against a good thinking probably 2+2er. It folds around to me and I raise in the cutoff with 67hh to 350 with a 150 Big blind (stacks affectively 500) and this player 3bets to 850. I begin thinking this would be a good spot for him to bluff given his position but what really triggered a read was his bet sizing. I thought if he was doing this with AK or AQ for value he would make it bigger, say 1100 at least just in case I call and the flop is low cards. For this reason I thought his range was polarized to AA, KK, QQ and air. So I 4bet to 2k and he tanked for like 3 min before folding telling me I'm either a genius or an idiot lol. Unfortunately later in the tournament I picked up QQ vs his AK and he binked. ...Sigh

So I have a couple vids coming out, the first being July 8th which is a 200HU vid (2pt series). I think it will turn out good as there were some interesting adjustments that I made to a player who played quite differently than the players I'm used to.  

I'm also pretty happy as how this month went pokerwise online. I'm at about 41k right now and will probably get 1 or 2 more sessions in before the month ends so hopefully I can stay above the 40k mark. I jumped back into 5/10 yesterday and had some good games but obv was getting hit and run on left and right. It's amazing how u can find better players at .5/1$ than 5/10 sometimes. Anyways I know it's been a while since Ive blogged so once again, I'll make an attempt to update more often.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


One of the most underrated notions to being a (happy) poker player is the notion of having balance in your life. For me, if I were to just sit at my computer and play poker all day I would feel a bit depressed. I have a really hard time putting more than 2 hours into a session before having to quit to go do something else. Usually I'll up anywhere from 1-3 sessions in throughout the day lasting anywhere from 1-2hrs. There is absolutely no way i could see myself being a live pro playing 8hr days. I mean, I would have to be making some pretty sick cash to do that.. 

One way of balancing poker with other things is to make sure you exercise. I can't tell you how much balancing exercise with poker has helped my game, and by this I mean playing my "A" game. Unfortunately I haven't played my "A" game at all recently but am still doing well this month surpassing the 20K$ point. I have been playing low the last few days bc I haven't been playing well and have had a couple bad sessions (one of my worst ever the other day dropping over 10BI's at 600HU). When I go through periods like this I just need to play some weaker players, make some money, and rebuild my confidence. 

Being in Vegas, away from most of my friends, it's been a bit weird socially. My roommates are working like crazy hours so I'm basically by myself the entire day. My roommates in California are all self employed so it's different. Luckily my ex-gf called and is visiting with 6 girls this weekend so that should be cool. This girl, named Mahlia, is a girl I actually dated in high school and was very much in love with her. Since dating her I've been in a few other more serious relationships but she is really the only ex-gf that I'm friends with or even talk to for that matter. Caviat is coming on Sunday and will be here until the end of the month which should be cool too bc I'll have someone to hang out with during the days. I realize that I'm a very social person and don't like being alone for long periods of time. Maybe it's because I have some great friends.

I plan on playing some wsop and venetian this next week so I'll update..

Friday, June 12, 2009

New blog spot

I will be moving this blog to blogspot so if anyone is interested in it you can find it at cpar1.blogspot.com/.

I will be playing the 1500$ event Saturday which will be my first event of the series. I will probably play a few more events before the Main Event as well just not sure which ones. If I run good and get a score, I'll play the 10K HU Championships.

The last few days have been a bit swingy. I've had some matches where I'll win or lose a ton of Bi's to 1 opponent. Here is a hand where I got unlukcy and proceeded to lose almost 3k to this guy before tilting and having to quit: www.pokerhand.org/

Ironically I did have a run good with the same hand here: www.pokerhand.org/ My opponent was super crazy preflop 3betting around 45% so I was suprised that he didn't 3bet this hand. I was talking to someone about how I played this hand and they asked me why I 3bet so big. It's pretty simple, if my opponent has a Q then I should be getting his entire stack. There is way too much value to be missed by not setting up a pot sized ship on the river and if he's bluffing it's not guarenteed he is going to bluff the river.

I can't think of any other hands to post right now but I'll try and remember some for the next blog.

More work than I thought, Coaching situation

This house thing is a royal pain. I didn't think it would be this much work. Yesterday was maybe a 15hr day between cleaners, home depot, and moving. The last several days have been super exhausting and I can't wait until this shit is set up. Oh to top it off, we have a pest problem (terminex is coming tomorrow thank god).

So with what little poker I've played ( 2 hours maybe) I'm stuck a couple ks which is a little annoying bc the last couple times I've played in vegas I find myself stuck early. I just played a 5/10 game and can't remember any hands but did lose a flip with QQ to AK and got slowrolled by an old asian lady lol. Losing 400$ on the lakers to cover didn't help either.

So, I know I've been really flaky with my students right now but the reality is I just can't do sessions this week even though I've been trying. For starters, I have no internet yet (I am leeching off a neighbor right now and the connection is obv shit and not working all the time). Hopefully this will be solved soon but not much I can do and unfortunately it's in my roommates name.

I tried to post a graph of my month but the CR blog system probably has a glitch or something and it's not showing.