Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dry games, frustrating results, Laguna..

I spent several hours over the last 3 days at my computer only to notice how dry the games have become. I am pretty sure its just a random thing that happened this week and that the midstakes HU games will pick back up, but man it's been frustrating. Frustrating for many reasons, including the obvious, I'm disappointed in my results (which aren't horrible, just breakevenish over maybe 5k hands). Yesterday was particularly bad as I made a really spewy bluff for a -1200$net and lost about 3200$ to one of the biggest donks Ive ever played at 600HU. The guy would call open raises of 44$ with shit hands but obv ran like god. He even flopped an overset which is something I haven't seen in a while. Meh, whatever...

So I just got to Laguna maybe an hour ago. We partied in the city again last night which was a ton of fun. We hit up some Belgium bar near the marina and then some other Irish bar near the wharf. We were rolling a bit deep and my roommate kyle got a limo to take us home for 100$ at the end of the night. I felt bad so I split it with him but gotta love how he rolls (no he's not some baller poker player either). I'm going to try and take 2 weeks off from drinking, I mean I really want to make an effort at doing this. I really need to :(

I'll probably just jam out a bunch of coaching sessions this week and play my own sessions at night. The games have been easier to find in the late afternoons/early evenings. Anyways I'll probably be back in Vegas pretty soon for a visit.

Hope ur crushing!!

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