Saturday, August 1, 2009

Huge month, but didn't feel that way.

This was a weird month to say the least. For whatever reason I felt like it wasn't particularly great but by looking at the results it was obv really good.. To put it simple, I ran like fkn GOD at 5/10 over a decent sample, basically all my profits are from 5/10. Most of this was vs weaker opponents and some also great maniac games. I basically had like 3 or 4 really big wins to put a stranglehold on the month. 3/6 on the other hand was a fkn disaster. I lost 10K in just as many hands there and at 2/4 I did pretty well thanks to winning 5k the last day there helping neutralize the losses at 3/6. Between 400NL and 600NL I did play a ton of regs and didn't table select one bit. Actually, at 400 I basically tried to play every reg I could bc after having a big day at 1K my confidence would be pretty high and the money wouldn't mean anything. One other reason I didn't feel like this was a great month is bc it felt like I ran bad a lot more than I ran good. Luckily the run good was at the right limits though ;)

Anyways poker has taken a bit of a toll on me lately and I don't plan on playing as many hands next month. I'll be heading back to vegas in a few days I think..

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  1. hey. i loved your CR videos, didn't know you have blog