Friday, June 12, 2009

New blog spot

I will be moving this blog to blogspot so if anyone is interested in it you can find it at

I will be playing the 1500$ event Saturday which will be my first event of the series. I will probably play a few more events before the Main Event as well just not sure which ones. If I run good and get a score, I'll play the 10K HU Championships.

The last few days have been a bit swingy. I've had some matches where I'll win or lose a ton of Bi's to 1 opponent. Here is a hand where I got unlukcy and proceeded to lose almost 3k to this guy before tilting and having to quit:

Ironically I did have a run good with the same hand here: My opponent was super crazy preflop 3betting around 45% so I was suprised that he didn't 3bet this hand. I was talking to someone about how I played this hand and they asked me why I 3bet so big. It's pretty simple, if my opponent has a Q then I should be getting his entire stack. There is way too much value to be missed by not setting up a pot sized ship on the river and if he's bluffing it's not guarenteed he is going to bluff the river.

I can't think of any other hands to post right now but I'll try and remember some for the next blog.


  1. So you wont be producing more vids for Cardrunners?

  2. I will be actually. I have some NL 200 footage that should turn out good but I'm not sure when it will be released..